1929 Ford Tudor Model A Photo Gallery




Affectionately known as "Pearl" this gem is a true survivor. She has her fair share of dings, dents, and scrapes but what the heck? She's 86 years old! Here are some photos I took after I buffed out the paint with rubbing compound and touched up a few spots. She has all the imperfections an old girl gathers over 86 years of service. They add to her character and a genuine 1929 Model A only stays original once.


UPDATE: I installed two new hood shelves and a radiator splash apron. I also drained, flushed, and replaced the transmission oil, changed the motor oil, and replaced the differential oil. The differential bolts were not all tight so I re-torqued them all while I was under there. The fuel valve was worn and leaking so I replaced that as well as the interior fuel line and the fuel line from the new sediment bowl to the carburetor. The water pump was leaking pretty bad too (so after I repacked it and it still leaked), I ended up replacing it with a leak-less water pump. I put in a new six volt battery and replaced both battery terminals and the ground strap and I replaced the broken passenger side door window. The horn didn't work well so I added the missing projector, lubed and tuned the horn so now it makes the classic "ahooga" sound. Check out the 1929 NYS license plate!






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