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Get Off Of Your Lazy Ass! - DVD

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"WORK You Lazy Bastards"- Book

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“This works man, I got a job! Now I can buy Beer" _ Larry S.

Listen Up! I’m not going to help you justify your crappy life because of some half-assed excuse, it’s high time you Get off of your Lazy Ass.

My name is Wally Reeves and I will help you answer the following questions:

  • "Why do my kids tell their friends I’m their Uncle?”

  • "Why does the paperboy drive a nicer car than me?"

  • "Why can’t I eat donuts, drink beer and lose weight?"

  • "Why can’t I see my toes when I stand up and look down?"

  • "Why does my wife refer to me as “The Slug on the Couch?"

If you’re a pathetic lazy person, I can help you with my fool-proof method of motivation!

Get off of your Lazy Ass is simple to understand and you will get results!



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This Month's featured lazy ass video showcases the length some people will go to avoid doing something correctly, aka... the Lazy way instead of the RIGHT way. Congratulations lazy chick with the beemer! Turning that car around would have taken two whole minutes.





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